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  Auction Services  
  Whether you are looking to market your cattle privately or to the public, in a live auction or online atmosphere, Lowderman Auction Options has you covered. We offer the following to assist you in your marketing:
  • Email Blast Options – Our list currently numbers over 3,700 verified emails. With each online sale we host, it continues to grow with people that are looking to buy cattle. With your online sale, you receive two free email blasts. For others interested in using this marketing tool, the cost is a low $125 for one send or $150 for two sends. We can send your print ready ad or will send up to 7 images of your choice.
  • Personal On-site Service – When you choose LAO as your online sale firm, we do everything we can to be at your farm the night of your sale closing. We also make a concerted effort to see your offering before your sale day. With your live auction sale booking, we will work closely with you from the day you book your sale to settlement day. We will confirm a marketing and advertising campaign together and work with you on setting a working budget.
  • Competitive Commission Rates – We know you have a choice when it comes to your sale. We keep our commission rates low and very competitive.
  • Four Generation Auction Business, backed by eight decades in the auction industry – Our company was founded by two brothers who, not only come from a family with over 50 years in the auction business, but also have made a full time living as auctioneers for 25 and 10 years respectively. Each of our sales representatives has been involved in the purebred livestock business most of their lives. Our auction and livestock knowledge will help you throughout your sale process, whether you choose a live or online sale.
  Design Services  
  We now offer design services to help assist with your auctions booked with LAO. Contact Chelsea at rcduis@yahoo.com or (815) 858-5735 to discuss your options.  
  Photography and Video Services  
  While the choice is yours in the photography and video company you use for your sale, we personally use Adam Swigart for most of our photo and video work.  
  At Lowderman, we realize that each seller and buyer have unique individual needs, and we work with you to learn your operation and your goals. Please contact us for more information and how we can get started!  
Monte Lowderman: monte@lowderman.com or 309-255-0110 • Cody Lowderman: cody@lowderman.com or 309- 313-2171
Shane Ryan: shane@lowderman.com or 309-371-7490 •
Cody Crum: codycrum@live.com or 217-248-7282
Adam Swigart: swigartcattle@gmail.com or 309-826-3809 • Grant McKay: glmherefords@bluevalley.net or 308-470-1190
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